Sunday, 22 March 2015

Pat Capocci feat. Marlene Perez - Firefly

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Firefly Photo credit: Pat Capocci

Wait a minute... Pat Capocci ànd Marlene Perez of the Rhythm Shakers in one video? Yes!

When Pat Capocci was in LA recording the Pantherburn Stomp-album, he started jammin' with Marlene to a tune he wrote over 10 years ago. The jam went so well that they've decided to record it and they were able to do it in a single take. It didn't end up on the Pantherburn Stomp-album but it's available on a limited amount of 45's.

To get the song out there, they've teamed up with Daniel Funaki and Henry Cousins. You can find the result of that partnership here:

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