Beer - Wednesday, 03 June 2015

Saison de Dottignies

Wim discovers a hidden gem in the beer we call Saison de Dottignies.

Beer - Friday, 08 May 2015

Tucher Kristallweizen

You might find it hard to believe, but rating and reviewing beer isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes, it’s bloody hard work. Because you have to taste beers you’d normally not choose.

Beer - Wednesday, 08 April 2015

Hercule Stout

The likeness with Hercule Poirot is spot-on. A thick body, little grey cells on top (ok, they're off-white, but it is a very beautiful foam, fine as lace), intelligent and balanced, slightly off-beat but elegant.

Beer - Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Keizerrijk van Bree

My brother in law is quite a character. He found this beer in the back of his fridge, without knowing how it got there.

Beer - Thursday, 12 March 2015

Tripel Klok Bruichladdich Oak Barrels

A beer that is designed not to be drunk as a beer, but as a whisky.

Beer - Wednesday, 04 March 2015


You know you haven't lived until you've drank owl-beer!

Beer - Thursday, 19 February 2015

Budweiser Budvar

This is the big daddy, the O.G. The alpha and omega, the genesis of lager.

Beer - Saturday, 14 February 2015

Tavoli Galaxis IPA

While we were working on the new website it gave Wim's liver a chance to catch up. Now it's being challenged again and the opponent is from the Indian/Hungarian side!

Beer - Monday, 13 October 2014


This summer I popped over the Iron Curtain and dove into the Warsaw pacts beer cellar. With some interesting results.

Beer - Sunday, 05 October 2014


Tempted by the vintage looking logo and packaging I tried this one, without checking the brewery. Which was a huge mistake. And I'll explain why.

The packaging screams: quality! The logo whispers in your ear: tradition! The name is one of a god, and the style is sour.

It is nothing of the things above.

Beer - Friday, 26 September 2014


My grandmother put honey in her tea. And I don't mean a little teaspoon. About four or five big-ass scoops per serving. And she would try to make me drink it. Every time. Needless to say, that's how you learn to hate things.

This however is very, very different.

Beer - Monday, 15 September 2014

Pecheresse Lindemans

I'm going to come clean here, I love sour beers. Put a lime in a beer and I'll plant a knife in your spleen. It's still in court, and my attorney advises me against saying too much about it, but someone once served me a strawberry beer. There's something about combining sweet fruit and beer that makes my skin crawl, my eyes roll back in my skull and my old dormant Viking genes man the longboat and start pillaging.

Beer - Sunday, 15 June 2014

Straffe Hendrik Wild 2014

Arguably one of the greatest advantages of being a Belgian beer reviewer is the sheer number of great beers we have over here. This being said, most of the better known ones aren't known for their sense of adventure. Straffe Hendrik in case has always been one of the Triple Ales I rarely pass up. A stronghouse of malt and taste. But, nothing adventurous. Up until now.

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