Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Bopflix Film Night

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Next month there will be the first Bopflix Film Night in Brighton, UK.

Bopflix is known for making a lot of video's related to the scene: music video's, documentaries, live footage, ... In Brighton, UK there will be a complete Bopflix Film Night on which Chris 'Mister Bopflix' Magee will hand pick his favourite films, promos and previews. There will be some exclusive new footage shown, followed by a Q&A session. Dave Mumbles and guest DJ's will be spinning records to end the night.

Doors open at 6h30 PM and the first film starts at 7h PM. More information can be found in the calendar.

To get you in the mood we've chosen 10 of our favorite Bopflix videos!


The Delta Bombers - Lock The Door


Jamie Bubba J Faulkner - Moonshiner Man


Lil' Mo & the Dynaflos - Ding Dong Baby


Ruby Ann - You Gotta Pay


The Rip'em Ups - I Wanna Love You


The Caezars - When I'm Not A Foolish Kid


Carolina and her Rhythm Rockets - Back Home


Pat Capocci - Slave For The Beat


Marc and the Wild Ones - Boppin' Mary Lou


Rockin' At The Drive-In Barn #6

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