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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Our most watched video's right now

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Lily Moe and Rene Rottman Photo credit: Tom Calleeuw

From time to time we post video's and interviews on our YouTube-channel. Here are the current five most watched videos.

1) Lily Moe - Never Let Me Go


I had the honor to record an unplugged version of this song at our appartment at the 2013 Rockabilly Rave. Lily Moe is singing while Rene Rottman (guitar player of Marc and the Wild Ones) is playing the guitar. The song Never Let Me Go is written by Marc Valentine and is on her debut album Lily Moe and the Barnyard Stompers.


2) The Spunyboys - Teenage Heaven


In May 2014 I joined the Spunyboys on the road for a weekend. That was right after I had bought a new camera that I hadn't played around with. During their awesome gig at the Breda Jazz Festival I was testing my camera and filmed their version of Teenage Heaven. Technically the video is far from good but it shows how great this band is and the amount of fun they bring to the stage.


3) The Rhythm Shakers - Live Set At The 2013 Rockin' At The Drive-In Barn


The Rhythm Shakers conquered Europe in the summer of 2013. One of the highlights was their set at Rockin' At The Drive-In Barn, one of the best rockin' festivals around. Matt, the guitar player, lent me his GoPro Hero 3 and combined with what rolled out of my sound recorder this video was born. We couldn't chose which song we were going to put online so it ended up like this. In the meantime they've released new albums and expanded their set list so this video is no excuse to stay home when you could see them live!


4) Pat Capocci - Pantherburn Stomp


Australia's guitarpickin' superhero Pat Capocci's gig at the 2014 Battle Royal (Oostmalle, Belgium) was the first one I saw since he joined Wild Records. He had just released the album Pantherburn Stomp and I was anxious to find out if it could live up to its ancestor Call Of The Wild ... It did! I was lucky too that I was in front of stage with my camera when he started playing the song Pantherburn Stomp.


5) Voodoo Swing - Hillbilly Rock 'n Roll


Custom bike shop Kiwidog Motorcycles held a great party with this awesome band from Phoenix, Arizona. It was filmed in the summer of 2013 in the cosy little city of Sluis, Holland. The compilation shows the band, the people and some shots of the garage.


(*) this is the amount of views at March 14th, 2015 when we published this article.

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