The Spunyboys' 500th gig

You can go back and forth over whether you like a band or not but an unpopular band would never make it to 499 shows if we're honest. Tomorrow The Spunyboys will have a homegame when they play their 500th gig tomorrow at the Bergerac (Douai, France)!

We had a look at all the places they played already and it's basically all over Europe. With their excellent live reputation and fan base that's still growing with every show they play, I'm pretty sure other continents will appear on the list at their 1000th show. 

Congratulations to Remi, Guillaume and Eddy!




The Delta Bombers - Smokestack Lightnin' (live at the English Channel)

You can't restrict rock 'n roll to a certain time or only allow it at some places; it can happen everywhere.

Living proof is this video we made with a cell phone: one person takes out a guitar at the ferry between France and Great-Brittain and next thing you know the Delta Bombers are playing Smokestack Lightnin' live and unplugged!

Hit Read more to see the video!

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A WILD Night

Members of the Kingsland organisation had a WILD night last August featuring one of the newest bands on the WILD-label The Hi-Boys and one of the biggest names: The Delta Bombers.

While the Hi-Boys did an excellent job warming up the crowd the Delta Bombers did what they do best: make everybody lose their minds and kick some asses with instruments!

Enjoy the pictures

Traumatease reprinted their infamous Louder Faster t-shirts.

You can get yours now for $22 plus shipping. Long sleeves available as well.

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Under the sunny sky of Wetteren lots of cars and even more bikes gathered at the sixth edition of the Old Skool Bike & Car Show.

We went over there ofcourse and came back with these pictures!